Bug Blog 2: Give the Guest user access to KD Root

The Guest user in the Plumtree – and ALUI, and now WCI portal – is a mixed bag.  On the one hand, I usually advise my clients to never give this user – or the EVERYONE group – access to anything in your portal if you don’t want your information showing up somewhere it shouldn’t.

On the other hand, this advice can bite you.  Have you ever gotten an “Error displaying Dropdown menu tabs” error in the nav bar when using the JS drop-down menus?


Well, in at least one case the problem is simple:  Give that EVERYONE (or at least the respective GUEST users) access to the root directory of your Knowledge Directory.  No need to give that user access to any cards or folders – just the root directory itself.  It seems the code in 10gR3 chokes if it can’t read this directory when trying to display the Directory drop-downs.  In fact, this is similar to Bill Benac’s Bug about missing footers in 10gR3 breaking the page (incidentally, I’ve run into the same problem with headers) – it seems 10gR3 isn’t quite as “forgiving” as previous versions were regarding error handling.

This quick fix should restore your menu:


… but there are other reasons you can run into this error.  I’ve got another post pending on some other root causes of this problem (spoiler alert: give SELECT privileges to the EVERYONE group for your headers!); in it I’ll offer some instructional advice on how to diagnose the root cause of problems like this.

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