There’s A WCI App For That 1: PublisherEditor

Special thanks to Fabien Sanglier for giving me the idea for the title of this blog feature (where’d he come up with such a catchy line!?).  Indeed, the WCI Portal has a ton of APIs that allow extensions and customizations, and there are dozens of products, code samples, and utilities that have been developed using them; if you can dream it, there no doubt IS an app for that.  The trick is finding it.

I’ll use this feature to showcase some of ’em (admittedly, in a somewhat self-serving way).  Most will be products I’m offering or interesting throwaway apps Integryst has developed to share some ideas with you, but I am on the lookout for cool apps created by others to feature here as well.

Today’s feature is PublisherEditor 3.1, a product I’ve written over the past year that includes many features not available in the out-of-the-box Publisher Content Item Editor, resolving common issues with the out-of-the-box version of Publisher such as:

  1. Pasting content from Microsoft Word is possible without corrupting the styles
  2. Check-outs, saves, check-ins, and publishing are performed in one click, and all version history capabilities that Publisher provides are still available
  3. Styles in the rich editor are the same as the page, so there’s no guess-work on what the content will look like when it’s published
  4. Dynamically define styles, fonts, and sizes as you deem appropriate to prevent “style sprawl”
  5. Page anchor links can be created and won’t be broken on save/checkin
  6. Users don’t have to go from the HTML editor to the rich text editor to actually save content (a Publisher 6.5 bug)
  7. Images can be uploaded and actually viewed in the editor; gatewaying, relative links, and adaptive tags such as pt://images aren’t broken.
  8. Adaptive tags are not broken and are actually enhanced (rather than seeing XML you see formatted text)
  9. The HTML DOM won’t be corrupted when you’re updating the HTML
  10. Previews can be viewed in-line on the actual page the item will appear on
  11. Link to other communities, pages, and portlets by selecting them in a simple dialog box – no more copying links!
  12. Easily upload and link to files/documents for quick inclusion in the item
  13. In-line spell checker like Microsoft Word
  14. Browse existing images and files and quickly link to them
  15. Automatically refresh portlet caches so publishing items results in the content actually being updated
  16. Search, Replace, and more!

Take a look at the below video for more information, hit up the product page, and contact me if you’d like a Live Demo!

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