Replacing uploaded documents without breaking the URLs

Ross Brodbeck has written some excellent posts on how the Document Repository works in the ALUI / Plumtree portal (which is still accurate in WebCenter Interaction 10gR3), so I won’t rehash those details here.

Instead, I’ll give you a quick tip to answer what should be a relatively simple question: How do I replace an existing document that has been uploaded to the WCI Knowledge Directory? At first glance, it’d seem you should just upload a new document and delete the old one. The problem is, especially if your site is large or exposed publicly on the Internet, someone may have linked to the original URL. This URL contains the Object ID of the card in there, so the new file – even if it has the same name – will have a different link. This is even true, for the most part, with Friendly URLs that were introduced in ALUI 6.5 and expanded in WCI 10gR3.

The bad news is that there is no way through the UI to change the file itself; the good news it’s an easy file swap that can be done on the server containing the Document Repository. Just open the properties page for the file, and look at the “Document Upload DocID” field (and the “Document Upload Repository Server”). Then, take your new document, rename it exactly as shown in the properties, and put replace the file in that directory. In the example below, this file would need to be called “D004783E.ACT” in the DR folder at “documents/ptupload/active/F0080AF6/”:


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