There’s A WCI App For That 2: PublisherManager

You’ve read about Integryst’s PublisherEditor.  You’ve seen the video and read the product page.  The product continues to evolve, and is still the best WYSIWYG editor for AquaLogic / WebCenter Publisher on the market.  This post, though, is about an additional utility that comes included with PublisherEditor, called PublisherManager.

Articles have been written about finding published content URLs and changing publishing targets, but to date there hasn’t been a safe way to do a global search and replace of text in Content Items and Presentation Templates, or generate a report on publishing targets.  PublisherManager fills that void with a clean UI and the ability to download a report as a CSV so you can identify :

PublisherManager and PublisherEditor work with WebCenter Interaction 6.0 –, and AquaLogic Publisher 6.1 – 6.5. 

Interested in a demo?  Drop me a line.

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