Upgrading Analytics 2.5 to 10.3.0 – missing documentation

If someone can find this in the documentation SOMEWHERE, let me know and I’ll update this post.  Until then, consider yourself one of the lucky few who are now aware of a missing step in the 2.5 and 10gR3 WebCenter Analytics Upgrade guides:

Aqualogic Analytics 2.5 QuickStart Guide

WebCenter Analytics 10gR3 Upgrade Guide

The step:  In addition to running the Analytics25Update.bat file with no parameters:


… you need to also run it with a “collab” parameter to properly partition the Collaboration tables:

PT_HOME\ptanalytics\\bin\Analytics25Update.bat collab

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  1. Mark says:

    Not sure if it’s the same install or not, but in the E14438-02 doc, it appears that the install is somewhat different. (Not that the doc is not fraught with errors) It appears that they’ve broken out this install into several parts, loading the events is a separate task from running the Analytics25Update.bat file. The general update installation from that manual has us loading the events first via the following:

    3.5 Registering Portal Events

    ■ Windows:
    – .. PTANALYTICS_HOMEbinAnalyticsLoadEvents.bat
    – .. PTANALYTICS_HOMEbinAnalyticsLoadEvents.bat

    and 3.6 Registering Oracle WebCenter Collaboration Events

    Copy the analytics-collab-event-def.xml file on the Oracle WebCenter
    Collaboration host machine to the following location on the Analytics host
    machine: install_dirptanalytics10.3.0.1settingsconfig

    Run the following from the command line on the Oracle WebCenter Analytics
    host machine:
    ■ Windows:
    .. PTANALYTICS_HOMEbinAnalyticsLoadEvents.bat

    It’s not until one of the later steps that the instruction indicate to run the AnalyticsUpdate25.bat file after running the db update scripts

    Run the Analytics25Update.bat file:
    ■ Windows: install_dirptanalytics10.3.0.1binAnalytics25Update.bat

    Interesting there is that there’s no argument given (like you noticed). Looking at your output, it looks like you accomplished the same thing without the load events bat files. Maybe your event files are in the same directory as the update.bat file so it found them? By the way…there’s plenty of errors in doc..typo’s, etc…fun experimenting!

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