A Closer Look at WCI Directory Services

By now, you’re probably aware that WebCenter comes with an LDAP Directory Service, which has been shipping since ALUI 6.5 and poked around in with Softerra’s LDAP Browser.

I’ve been working on developing a PEI to allow users to log into any auth source without having to select one on the login form, and my dev environment didn’t have access to an LDAP or Active Directory server.  Then I realized that I did, in fact have one – it’s provided by the portal itself.

So, I used the LDAP Browser to log in with my admin credentials (user name for Administrator: cn=Administrator,dc=bea,dc=com):

… and poked around the directory to get the appropriate User and Group Query Base and Filter, plus some other attributes.  I then set up an LDAP auth source in my portal with the following settings:

… and viola! After synching the users (with some errors in the logs because you’re basically creating users with identical names as users that already exist in the portal), I was able to log in using a local portal account, but via the LDAP AWS auth source:

Practical? No.  Useful if you’re trying to create a test auth source and don’t have an LDAP or ActiveDirectory server lying around?  Yup.

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