Typing PTSpy filters occasionally works

As you likely know, PTSpy messages are UDP messages generated by all services in the WebCenter stack. PTSpy / WebCenter Logging Utility is just a receiver for these messages.  Things can go wrong some times, though: UDP is not a guaranteed message protocol, and log events may be lost.  But more importantly, occasionally these applications don’t report themselves properly, and as a consequence, PTSpy doesn’t display them in the filter list.

What I didn’t know until recently is that just because an application doesn’t show up in the message sender list doesn’t mean the application isn’t generating messages.  Typing the name of the sender into the text field sometimes works too.  Take this example; I was trying to diagnose a problem with the Portal Notification Service, but the CNS didn’t show up in the list of message senders:

In the CNS log, I found this line:

INFO   | jvm 1    | 2010/05/09 19:35:26 | Using OpenLog Application Name ‘cns.NRC372DR.plumtree’ for CNS SPY logging

So on a whim, I tried just typing that string into the “Message Sender” field.  That couldn’t possibly work, could it?  I mean, if PTSpy doesn’t detect the Sender, it won’t capture messages being generated by it, right?

Glad I was wrong on that one:

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