There’s a WCI App For That 3: Automater

Let’s face it: sometimes even the simplest actions in the portal can take WAY too many clicks.  Take creating a single community:  you need to pick a community template, create pages, create Publisher portlets and add them to the pages, create Collab Projects, set security, etc.  And many times, most of this information is the same for every new community.  Community Templates help, but it still requires a LOT of clicks.

Integryst’s Automater product tackles this problem by allowing you to script multiple portal actions, only prompting for the unique information each time.  For example, at one client they wanted to create a “Network”, which consists of 7 communities, dozens of portlets, and multiple admin and regular users.  It literally would take over 100 clicks each time – and eventually there are going to be 100+ of these “networks”.  Tha’ts a lot of clicks!

Not using Automater, though.   Administrators just enter the information that’s unique to each network, and those 100 clicks are rolled into one:

All kinds of actions can be scripted – and secured so that only certain groups have access to specific actions:

Automater works off of XML files that define each “Action” (shown in the screen shot above), and any number of “steps” within that action.  The “Create Network” action, for example, has 44 distinct steps that do everything from creating Collab Projects to Publisher Content Items to Users, then setting security for each appropriately based on the user list provided.

Want to see a demo?  Drop me a line!

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