The dependencies of WebCenter Analytics

Analytics straddles this weird middle ground between being a patch and a full release (you download it from, not like a typical patch from

In the release notes, it looks like kind of a pain to install, since there’s mention of having to install other software before you can install Analytics:

And, given that the versions provided are significantly further back than what’s currently available (as of this writing, Hibernate is now at version 3.5.2 and Cewolf is now at 1.0), you might be inclined to hold off on the upgrade until the next release – I know I was initially.

The good news is that now that I’ve actually been through this upgrade, it turns out that it’s not as hard as it sounds.  Contrary to the release notes, you don’t need to “install [the apps] before you install Oracle WebCenter Analytics”.  You just need to download the zips, run the installer, and point the installer at wherever you’ve saved those files.  Pretty straightforward, actually…

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