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Look, I’ll make this quick and profess my ignorance:  I’m not really sure what the whole “Key Service” thing is in WebCenter Analytics; it’s obviously a security token that needs to be set in multiple places (the Configuration Manager and Java Keystore) to work properly.  A little while ago, I had a client accidentally change the value, and Analytics wouldn’t work.  The keystore passphrase no doubt exists somewhere in the Analytics JRE, but I couldn’t find out where to reset it.  So, I couldn’t find out where to change it in the JRE, and didn’t know what it was suppose to be, so Analytics was DOA.

I got lucky on this one, and hopefully if you found this post through a Google Search, you’ll have saved yourself the headache of trying to figure out what value should be in there.  The answer is in the Analytics Configuration Worksheet (PDF link):

That’s right: it’s “saml2keystore“.  Anyone know how to reset the actual value in Java’s Keystore for Analytics?

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  1. Omid says:

    You can change it using keytool which is located in your java bin directory.

    keytool -storepasswd -new new_storepass -keystore saml2keystore.jks

    I haven’t tried it with analytics in particular but I don’t see why it wouldnt work.

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