Cool Tools 8: IEWatch

You know what I like about Integryst’s Cool Tools feature?  You guys always have great alternatives to the specific problems these tools solve – the Cool Tool feature of Benthic’s Golden drew more comments than any other post, and they were all great!

I’ve profiled header tools before (FireBug is an obvious one), but I haven’t profiled any IE header/debug tools yet.  I’ve used IEInspector’s HTTP Analyzer before, but for the love of all that was Holy and Mighty, that thing crashed IE more often than a WebCenter Consultant on a 24 hour code bender (didn’t see that one coming did you?  yeah, I’m not funny).

So, today’s profile is for my latest IE header tool of choice: IEWatch’s IEWatch Professional.  It’s not cheap at $169, but at least it’s not as bad as HTTP Analyzer and doesn’t fold like a cheap suit (yeah, i don’t even know what that means.  i’m not funny.).  The tool is straightforward:  install it and choose View: Explorer Bars: IEWatch from IE’s menu, and you’ve got a slick header tool that gives you a decent snapshot of what IE is doing behind the scenes, showing requests, responses, post data, and pretty much everything else you need to diagnose a poorly performing ALUI portal…

So here’s my question – given that HTTP Analyzer is cheaper, but has more bugs than this place (sheeeesh!  i TOLD YOU i wasn’t funny!), what IE header tool do YOU use?

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  1. Geoff Garcia says:

    Not a header/http analyzing tool, but figure I’d plug IE’s Developer Tools for those that haven’t used them. Just click F12 in IE and you’ll get a fairly decent HTML/CSS inspector.

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