Bug Blog 8: WebCenter Friendly URLs break Plumtree Excel Portlets

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Friendly URLs in WebCenter Interaction ever since it was AquaLogic User Interaction 6.5.  But the Law of Unintended Consequences has a way of striking in unique ways.  In today’s post, the bug is that Friendly URLs cause problems with the old Plumtree Excel Portlets.  Basically, if you have an Excel portlet on any page other than the home page in a community, pagination breaks because the browser bounces back to the home page in the community when you click any links.

This seems to have to do with the way the return URI is sent to the remote tier, and how the GDK interprets the URL, interacting with the fact that there are no longer query strings in the source URL (that’s right – this ancient Plumtree code uses ASP / VB and the long-dead Gadget Development Kit).  I won’t bore you with all the analysis that went into this, but the code fix is pretty straightforward.

If you’re still using Excel portlets in WCI 10gR3, you need to make the following fix in C:\ Program Files\ plumtree\ Excel Portlet Framework\ gadget\ setGadgetDisplay.asp.  Change:

Call Response.Redirect(strReturnURI & "#" & strID)

…to this:

'11/3/2009 mchiste: because the 10gR3/gdk/friendly urls screw up the strReturnURI, we use this URL instead to go back to the page we were just on
Dim strReturnURI2
strReturnURI2 = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER")
If (strReturnURI2 = Null) Then
Call Response.Redirect(strReturnURI & "#" & strID)
If InStr(1,strReturnURI2, "#") <> 0 Then
strReturnURI2 = Mid(strReturnURI2,1,InStr(1,strReturnURI2, "#")-1)
End If
Call Response.Redirect(strReturnURI2 & "#" & strID)
End If

The code change basically tells the browser to return to the page it came from, rather than “trusting” the portal/gdk.

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