Configure Publisher To Use A Network Share

In many larger Plumtree / WCI Publisher installations, you will have 1 “full” instance of Publisher used for authoring content, and one or more “zombie” (really, that’s what they call it in the configs!) instances serving up that content. 

See Bill Benac’s excellent diagram on this type of configuration.  Often, you’d have the publishing component of Publisher write to a network share, then use the zombie instances to proxy the content itself, or have the zombie instances redirect to a different web server configured to serve up the files.  Why two different approaches?  See this article I wrote back in ’08 for why proxying isn’t always ideal after an upgrade.

Anyway, in some instances, even with just one Publisher instance, you may want to publish to a network share, and don’t want to bother with configuring an additional Web Server to serve up that content.  In those cases, you can easily change Publisher’s own embedded Web Server (technically, it’s JBoss) to serve up this content.  Just perform the following steps:

  1. Set the Publisher Service to run as a user that has full access to the network share.
  2. Update your Publishing and Browsing targets in Publisher Explorer to use the correct paths.
  3. Update the %ALUI_HOME%\ptcs\6.5\container\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat50.sar\server.xml file, specifying your network share here:

That way, when the portal attempts to load published content via http://wci-publisher:7087/publishedcontent/, the portal will be connecting to the JBoss instance running Publisher, but the files will be coming from the network share.

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