Cool Tools 13: UnixUtils

Here’s a great little set of apps if you’re a command-line type of person, you prefer Unix commands to DOS, and don’t want to install a “Linux-like environment” such as CygWin on your Windows servers.  Basically, UnixUtils is just a bunch of Windows executables that provides many Unix command-line functions from a Windows command prompt.

I don’t use it every day, but I do find myself using it when I’d like to run a quick grep to parse huge PTSpy Log files that Plumtree Logging Spy can spit out.  You may also find it a simple way to brush up on your Linux skills from the comfort of your Windows environment.

There’s no installation – you just download the binaries, and add the bin directory to your Windows path.  Then just use the Unix commands like you would at a DOS prompt:

UnixUtils is free, open-source, and available here.

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