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New Collaboration Server IE8 Critical Fix – No Source for you!

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Last month, we wrote to tell you about the WebCenter Interaction Collaboration Server IE8 Critical Fix.  Last week, an old Plumtree pal dropped me a line to let me know that this patch has been updated (Thanks, Eno!).  No new version information – it’s actually the exact same patch number and everything – although some of the code has changed a bit. As far as I can tell in analyzing the different packages, there are just a couple of tiny tweaks, and the release notes include a more comprehensive set of bug fixes, so you’ll just have to download the patch again to get the new binaries.

  • WebEdit does not work on IE8. (9723488)
  • Error in task submenu in IE8 (9712774)
  • Cannot upload multiple files in Collab (9274372)
  • Bulk upload JRE updated to 1.6 in order to support IE8 (8760280)
  • Notifications should be sent from a fixed address for creation and deletion (9647426) This fix involves updates to both collab and notification components.
  • Subscription to project overview causes conflicts with Immedate Subscriptions (8759642)
  • Non gatewayed webedit does not work (9434805)
  • File leak in Search Service during search index rebuild (11726008)
  • Webcenter Collaboration notifications to large numbers of recipients fail (9484113)

Oh, and while I never got around to writing a post about this, for those of you that are into this kind of stuff, this update includes a new cns.war file – and someone in engineering has removed the .jars containing some of the CNS source code.  So if you want to take a peek, check out the code in your cns.war before updating.

Guess you’ll have to find some other way to meet your code analysis needs

Cool Tools 15: Atlassian Crowd

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

It’s official: I’m pretty much out of the kind of “Cool Tools” that started the feature in the first place.  I’m pretty sure I’ve covered every tool that I regularly use during the administration of the Plumtree/ ALUI/ WCI portal.  So while I may have a genuine new “Cool Tool” at some point, this category will mostly apply to different applications that augment or replace pieces of functionality in the out-of-the-box WebCenter Interaction product stack.

It’s also (mostly) official that WebCenter Interaction is winding down as a product line, and many clients are formulating their strategy for the next couple years.  While WCI isn’t going to go away tomorrow, at Integryst we’ve been working with a lot of different technologies to help clients evaluate “what’s next”.  It’s clear that there are pretty much three directions clients may pursue:

  1. Stay on the Oracle Gravy Train and work on a migration plan to WebCenter Spaces and the rest of the Oracle stack
  2. Move to a similar competitive enterprise project – particularly, Microsoft SharePoint
  3. Look at building a best-of-breed open-source/inexpensive solution by tying together a bunch of great products

None of these are bad approaches, and in fact all of them are appropriate in different client situations, depending on the portal profile and business requirements.  But expect to see more of option #3 in these pages in the coming months.

As such, let me introduce you to Atlassian’s Crowd.  Crowd is a Single Sign-on product that allows you to stitch together a bunch of disparate web applications together by allowing users to log into one application and navigate to another without having to log in again.  It allows you to create various directories (LDAP, AD, custom sources), and surface those user accounts to different applications (Confluence, Jira, and even – with some custom code – applications like WebCenter Interaction), and has integration points at pretty much every level of the stack.

You’ll be hearing more about Crowd in upcoming posts, as well as some pretty slick hybrid integration solutions that won’t completely lock you in to the Oracle stack, if that’s the way you might be rolling.  Stay tuned!

Oracle WebCenter Interaction LIVES! (kind of)

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Sorry if the title got your hopes up, folks: “living” is not the same thing as “growing and thriving”.

We all know Oracle’s stated direction on WebCenter Interaction, a.k.a Plumtree, a.k.a. ALUI, a.k.a WCI: While it’s had some promising adoption news within Oracle, it’s pretty clear “the ‘tree” is on its way out in favor of the WebCenter Suite.

If you need any further evidence that WCI is not long for this world, take a look at the just-released webinar that Oracle gave this week: Oracle WebCenter Suite – Giving Users a Modern Experience.

Now for the good news (and the crux of this post’s title): We are not a forgotten user community:

… and, as Oracle stated in that webinar, the long-promised Oracle 10.3.3 patch release is coming soon.  No formal release date, but it seems we aren’t going to be left completely in the cold; this patch release focuses mostly on integrating with the rest of the Oracle stack to make the transition less painful – if you choose to continue drinking the Oracle Kool-Aid.

Any way you cut it, this transition isn’t going to be easy, and is likely going to feel like “starting over”.  I mean, how many times did we hear Oracle emphasize how long it would take their own services group to make the transition in that webinar?  A LOT – I counted them (no, I didn’t): there were at least eleventy-two.

There’s a WCI App For That 7: LockDown

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

LockDown is an Integryst product that has been around for years and provides the best security management functionality available in the WebCenter Interaction space.

It is a full-featured security management add-on for Oracle’s WebCenter Interaction (WCI) / AquaLogic User Interaction (ALUI), providing an intuitive user interface for managing and reporting on the security of objects within the portal in a logical way. Featuring the ability to propagate security changes to child objects and folders and export comprehensive security reports, the latest update includes manipulation and reporting of Knowledge Directory, Publisher, and Collaboration Server security in addition to Plumtree Administrative Objects.

For more information, check out our product page, and contact us if you’d like a demo!

Cool Tools 14: Actual Search & Replace

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Occasionally, you may need to modify hundreds of Plumtree style sheets on the WCI Image Server, or perform some other mass search-and-replace across a bunch of files (If you need search-and-replace in Publisher Content Items, check out Integryst’s PublisherManager).

For this, I’ve found no better tool than DivlocSoft’s Actual Search & Replace.  The tool is simple to use, inexpensive at $30 bucks (free if you just want to use the trial version for a quick one-time task), and allows a great deal of tailoring folders and actual strings you may want to replace.  For example, updating those Plumtree style sheets to fix all the broken crap when upgrading ALUI to WCI 10gR3 requires only a couple of regex search and replace strings like this:

Give it a shot, and let us know what you think!

Collab Office Tools – “Don’t Show Again”

Monday, February 7th, 2011

When working on self-signing the Plumtree Collaboration WebEdit applet to prevent the certificate warning, I had to install WCI Collaboration Server on my server.  As I usually do, I made a backup of the collab folder, ran the install, and used Beyond Compare to diff the results.  Interestingly, I found this little gem in the collab.war file in /docman/editor/officeToolsInstall.jsp:

Wha-?  Why would 10.3 have a cookie expire on 1/1/2020, and have the same cookie expire on 1/1/2010?  Who knows, but what it likely means is that te “Do not show this again” checkbox in the Collaboration Office Tools popup will never work, because it’s setting a cookie that’s perpetually expired.

The solution?  Install that Collaboration Server IE8 Critical Fix, or just crack open the .war file and update /docman/editor/officeToolsInstall.jsp to use 2020 for the cookie expiration date.

WCI Collaboration Hotfix and Certificate Warnings

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

While this blog isn’t the de-facto source for Oracle WebCenter Interaction critical fixes, we’ve tracked a big chunk of the latest hotfixes – including the more recent Analytics update and Collaboration Critical Fix for IE8

I’ve done a couple of installs with this Collaboration IE8 fix, and although I still haven’t seen Bulk Upload or WebEdit really get bullet-proof (frankly, WebEdit in particular is the bane of my existence), one thing is certain with these updates:  Oracle updated the code-signing certificate for the Bulk Upload applet in the latest critical fix, but never bothered updating the WebEdit applet.

What does this mean?  Well, when you’re uploading files with the Bulk Upload applet, you get a message that the certificate has been validated by a trusted source:

But, whenever you load a page with Collaboration portlets on it, the WebEditControl applet loads (more on this another time), and you get a signature warning that says “The digital signature was generated with a trusted certificate but has expired”:

Oracle’s official stance can be summarized thusly: “Pfft, what’s the big deal, anyway?  Suck it up or fix it yourself.”.  OK, so while I took some liberties with my paraphrasing there (sorry Oracle!), I went with option two: self-signing the WebEditControl applet.  It’s a non-trivial exercise, and all you get out of the deal is a nice clean prompt without the warning, but I’ve heard enough inquiries about this warning so I figured I’d just fix it:

The best part for you?  You can save yourself the huge pain of getting a code-signing cert, and download the Integryst-signed .jar file after the break, and say goodbye to that signature warning! (more…)