WCI Collaboration Hotfix and Certificate Warnings

While this blog isn’t the de-facto source for Oracle WebCenter Interaction critical fixes, we’ve tracked a big chunk of the latest hotfixes – including the more recent Analytics update and Collaboration Critical Fix for IE8

I’ve done a couple of installs with this Collaboration IE8 fix, and although I still haven’t seen Bulk Upload or WebEdit really get bullet-proof (frankly, WebEdit in particular is the bane of my existence), one thing is certain with these updates:  Oracle updated the code-signing certificate for the Bulk Upload applet in the latest critical fix, but never bothered updating the WebEdit applet.

What does this mean?  Well, when you’re uploading files with the Bulk Upload applet, you get a message that the certificate has been validated by a trusted source:

But, whenever you load a page with Collaboration portlets on it, the WebEditControl applet loads (more on this another time), and you get a signature warning that says “The digital signature was generated with a trusted certificate but has expired”:

Oracle’s official stance can be summarized thusly: “Pfft, what’s the big deal, anyway?  Suck it up or fix it yourself.”.  OK, so while I took some liberties with my paraphrasing there (sorry Oracle!), I went with option two: self-signing the WebEditControl applet.  It’s a non-trivial exercise, and all you get out of the deal is a nice clean prompt without the warning, but I’ve heard enough inquiries about this warning so I figured I’d just fix it:

The best part for you?  You can save yourself the huge pain of getting a code-signing cert, and download the Integryst-signed .jar file after the break, and say goodbye to that signature warning!

Download PTWebEditApplet.jar here and drop it on your image servers at %ALUI_HOME%\ptimages\imageserver\plumtree\common\private\applets.  The cert is good December 7, 2013 which means we’ll have a couple more years before this becomes an issue again:

Oh, and one more thing:  When your users click on the “More Information” link, you’ll see a message about Integryst asserting that the application is safe.  That is true.  But you’ll never hear me asserting that the application doesn’t suck.

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3 Responses to “WCI Collaboration Hotfix and Certificate Warnings”

  1. Rich Wright says:

    Thank You for the information. I am struggling with getting the WebEdit feature working on 10.3. The update was recommended and had to be uninstalled due to the signing error. Do you know if WebEdit works with a combination of IE 8(or 9), Office 2007 and Windows 7?

    • Matt Chiste says:

      Unfortunately, no. WebEdit officially is only supported on MS Office 2003 on Windows XP SP2; MS Office 2007 on Windows XP SP2 (Collab Release Notes). Version 8 of IE is “Officially Supported”, but not necessarily guaranteed to work (Collab IE8 Critical Fix). Since IE9 is still in Beta, we’ll have to wait and see.

      That being said; stay tuned; Oracle WebCenter Interaction is due for an update. It’s code-named “Neo”, and will be version 10.3.3 – it didn’t meet internal standards to be a full 11g release but I’m told it should resolve some of these issues related to WebDAV. Of course, being told it will be supported and it actually working are two different things, so stay tuned and I’ll have some posts on new features and fixes of 10.3.3 when it’s “official”.

  2. Clint says:

    Great stuff Chiste, you just save me a lot of research with the signed applet workaround.

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