Collab Office Tools – “Don’t Show Again”

When working on self-signing the Plumtree Collaboration WebEdit applet to prevent the certificate warning, I had to install WCI Collaboration Server on my server.  As I usually do, I made a backup of the collab folder, ran the install, and used Beyond Compare to diff the results.  Interestingly, I found this little gem in the collab.war file in /docman/editor/officeToolsInstall.jsp:

Wha-?  Why would 10.3 have a cookie expire on 1/1/2020, and have the same cookie expire on 1/1/2010?  Who knows, but what it likely means is that te “Do not show this again” checkbox in the Collaboration Office Tools popup will never work, because it’s setting a cookie that’s perpetually expired.

The solution?  Install that Collaboration Server IE8 Critical Fix, or just crack open the .war file and update /docman/editor/officeToolsInstall.jsp to use 2020 for the cookie expiration date.

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