New Collaboration Server IE8 Critical Fix – No Source for you!

Last month, we wrote to tell you about the WebCenter Interaction Collaboration Server IE8 Critical Fix.  Last week, an old Plumtree pal dropped me a line to let me know that this patch has been updated (Thanks, Eno!).  No new version information – it’s actually the exact same patch number and everything – although some of the code has changed a bit. As far as I can tell in analyzing the different packages, there are just a couple of tiny tweaks, and the release notes include a more comprehensive set of bug fixes, so you’ll just have to download the patch again to get the new binaries.

  • WebEdit does not work on IE8. (9723488)
  • Error in task submenu in IE8 (9712774)
  • Cannot upload multiple files in Collab (9274372)
  • Bulk upload JRE updated to 1.6 in order to support IE8 (8760280)
  • Notifications should be sent from a fixed address for creation and deletion (9647426) This fix involves updates to both collab and notification components.
  • Subscription to project overview causes conflicts with Immedate Subscriptions (8759642)
  • Non gatewayed webedit does not work (9434805)
  • File leak in Search Service during search index rebuild (11726008)
  • Webcenter Collaboration notifications to large numbers of recipients fail (9484113)

Oh, and while I never got around to writing a post about this, for those of you that are into this kind of stuff, this update includes a new cns.war file – and someone in engineering has removed the .jars containing some of the CNS source code.  So if you want to take a peek, check out the code in your cns.war before updating.

Guess you’ll have to find some other way to meet your code analysis needs

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