Try non-gatewayed WebEdit for better Collaboration WebDAV access

Last month, I posted a patch for the unsigned applets in WebCenter Collaboration Server. At the time, I said:

When your users click on the “More Information” link, you’ll see a message about Integryst asserting that the application is safe. That is true. But you’ll never hear me asserting that the application doesn’t suck.

That may have been a bit of an unfair jab – Plumtree Collaboration Server was a decent product in general, so let me refine the jab: as it evolved to ALUI Collaboration Server it remained a decent product that got the job done, even while showing its age as the years marched by. But WebDAV / WebEdit access in WebCenter Interaction is a complete mess – unless your end users are still using Windows XP and Office 2003. If they are, you’re in luck! The functionality merely “sucks”, which is much better than what I can say for your more modern users with Vista or Windows 7 using Office 2007 or Office 2010.

This tip is a simple and documented one: if all your users are on the corporate intranet and can directly access your Collab Server, you may get better results with WebEdit if you don’t gateway the requests through the portal. Just change “nonGatewayedAccess” to “yes” – and make sure your entire user base can access that URL (i.e., you’re not running an extranet where the Collab Server is behind a firewall).

<webEdit enabled="yes">
<nonGatewayedAccess enabled="yes">
<tokenBasedAuthentication enabled="true">
<useClustering enabled="no">
<installOfficeToolsPopUp enabled="yes"/>

Stay tuned for some even bigger news in a future post; with some extensive reverse-engineering of Microsoft Office’s WebDAV protocol implementation and Apache Tomcat’s HTTP implementation, I’ve gotten WebEdit and WebDAV working for Office 2010 on Windows 7. There are some side effects that I’m working through as we do some regression testing but I’m pretty confident we’ll have a solution ready soon for using Collab WebDAV with modern versions of Windows and Office. Drop us a line if you’d be interested in testing out the solution.

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  1. Rich Wright says:

    I am very interested in getting the WebEdit feature working on Windows with Office 2007/2010. I have an ongoing issue that I have been working on with Eno without any success. Please let me know what assistance I can provide.

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