WCI Analytics Startup Order

If you’re using WebCenter Analytics, you’ve no doubt seen this issue before:

The Analytics Context could not be created.  This is typically due to a configuration problem.  Review the Analytics UI log for more information.

While there are many causes for this and many fixes such as re-scripting the security database, sometimes the simplest solution is overlooked: startup order.

When Analytics needs to be (re)started, the services need to be restarted in the proper order:

  1. WSAPI Server.  The API Server provides SOAP access to the portal objects, such as users.
  2. LDAP Directory Service.  The LDAP Directory Service connects to the API Server to surface Plumtree users and groups via LDAP.
  3. Analytics UI.  This is the service that ultimately provides all the fancy reporting, and can’t work without the other two already set up, since it needs to check credentials (which introduces its own set of problems):

As a side note, the Analytics Collector doesn’t require the API or LDAP service.  It simply accepts inbound events such as searches and logins via UDP from the portal and records themto the database.  It’s a good thing that the services are separate, since even if the UI isn’t working, in most cases you can be reasonably confident events are still be recorded and not lost forever.


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