Bug Blog 12: ALUI Publisher Doesn’t Work in IE9

Now that we’ve picked on Plumtree Studio for a while, let’s direct our attention back to WCI Publisher for a moment, shall we?

If you are one of the 2.9% of the general population (as of April, IE9’s first full month on the market) that use Internet Explorer 9, and also use AquaLogic Publisher – a product that dates back to the Plumtree days and is in dire need of another upgrade – you’ve no doubt noticed it no longer works in IE9:

HTTP Status 404 – /ptcs/
type Status report
message /ptcs/
description The requested resource (/ptcs/) is not available.
Apache Tomcat/5.0.30

Why? Hell if I know. Seriously, I have no idea. Publisher’s Javascript code is some of the most convoluted I’ve seen in a while.

But, all is not lost! I spent (way) too much time with Internet Explorer’s Developer Tools, comparing IE8 and IE9 URLs and stepping through Javascript on each to tease out what the difference was between the two of them. I found that when IE9 breaks, the URL doesn’t have a CID – it shows something like:

http://portal.integryst.com/ site/integryst.i/gateway /PTARGS_0_200_347_0_0_43 /http%3B/localhost%3B7087 /ptcs/navigate.jsp

… instead of:

http://portal.integryst.com/ site/integryst.i/gateway /PTARGS_0_200_347_0_0_43 /http%3B/localhost%3B7087 /ptcs/navigate.jsp? cid=e35977c1-2df0-417d-abd9-3c3f5f56657b&fbr=1306030533426

But, the problem seems to occur in JavaScript way before the URL is actually generated in Javascript. Specifically, I kept seeing this exception when stepping through the Publisher script:

While I don’t profess to have delved into the depths that is Publisher Javascript insanity, it was clear that this line caused the page to mis-fire and show the above error.

The fix? Open up \imageserver\imageserver\plumtree\content\private\js\hablador.js and change this:

SessionVars.prototype.toString = function() {
	return this.staticVars.toString();

… to this:

SessionVars.prototype.toString = function() {
	try {
		return this.staticVars.toString();
	catch (err) {}

That way, whatever crazy error it is that happens in this third level of hell doesn’t burn the rest of the code that generates the proper URL. Net result: Plumtree Publisher lives for another day in Internet Explorer 9.

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    Many thanks for the tip (not just for this, but also for the other entries).

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