Cool Tools 20: New Relic

Every once in a while, a wicked cool app comes along that you look at and say “holy cow, that’s AMAZING!”.

Such is the case with New Relic, a code-level monitoring tool provided as a service. It supports Java, .NET, PHP, Rails, and others through the use of client-side agents that report to New Relic servers, which provide an unprecedented level of diagnostic reporting for your monitoring needs. Unlike most monitoring services, New Relic actually instruments your code (or even out-of-the-box applications) with diagnostic capabilities that not only tell you if your app is performing slowly, but exactly where in the code it’s taking the most time:

And that’s just scratching the surface – here’s a chart showing that, for our Atlassian Confluence installation, response time stays flat as load increases (indicating that we’ve got good scalability built into our system):

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