WebCenter Interaction Debug Space

Years ago I posted about a little-known MemoryDebug Activity Space in the Plumtree portal (or were we already calling this thing AquaLogic or ALUI by then?).

Recently I found a somewhat “meta” page with an activity space name of just “Debug” that links to this MemoryDebug space and two other useless pages. I won’t get into the gory details here, but I stumbled across this when dealing with some code related to varpacks (we’ll get to all those gory details in due time).

The gist for this post is that you can not only view the debug space in your portal by setting the space to Debug (/portal/server.pt?space=Debug), but there’s also a Friendly URL for this space: /portal/server.pt/debug/.

In fact, all three of these debug pages have friendly URLs

  • portal/server.pt/debug/ui – a useless ‘help’ page
  • portal/server.pt/debug/memory – the memory debug page, largely only useful for reloading varpacks
  • portal/server.pt/debug/portal/ – the useless page you can access through Admin: Select Utility: System Health Monitor

This isn’t an entirely earth-shattering discovery, but as I’ve been revisiting this debug space and friendly URL configurations, I’ve made some other interesting discoveries that I’ll post about soon. In the meantime, try out those friendly URLs in your portal and marvel at the completely hidden piece of functionality you never wanted or needed.

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