Change the Unchangeable in AquaLogic Studio

I don’t think Oracle even bothered renaming Aqualogic Studio to WebCenter Studio – hell, even BEA never touched Studio after it acquired Plumtree – so whatever you call it, Studio is dead and has long been abandoned. I made a case to Oracle once it should just be open-sourced, and was laughed out of the (virtual) room….

Today’s post is about this long-dead product that a surprising number of Plumtree customers just can’t seem to shake – it provides just enough functionality to be functional for end users.

First of all: Migrate to Frevvo. Even if you don’t use Integryst’s Frevvo integration, Frevvo is how form building and workflows should have been implemented. Maybe Studio would have become this if it hadn’t been abandoned so many years ago, but really, if you have serious electronic forms and workflow needs you shouldn’t be using Plumtree Studio any more.

BUT, if you absolutely INSIST on clinging to Studio, let’s take a trip down memory lane. My very first blog post discussed an Easter Egg in Studio, but it’s worth mentioning that this Easter Egg isn’t just for playing Tetris.

Let’s say you want to change the text of a button to a different language. When you’re editing any Studio portlet, hit CTRL-ALT-? (Or, CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-/. You’ll figure it out.) to bring up the popup:

From here, click “Edit XML”, find the text of the button you want to change and update it:

Now no text in your form is out of reach. The above warning is pretty clear about being careful here, but editing the text is pretty straight-forward.

Parlez-Vous Français?

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