WebCenter Interaction 10gR4 (Neo) Now REALLY Available!

Well, after a little bit of a false start, intrepid reader Brad Styve noticed that our binaries for WebCenter Interaction 10gR4 – a.k.a. “Neo” – are finally available as of yesterday. As he points out, there are now “three installers to rule them all”. That is, many of the separate installers you had to work through in the past – Portal, Identity Services (LDAP and AD), Crawlers (UCM, Exchange, Windows Files), Dev Tools (IDK, JSR-168), Sharepoint – have now been bundled into the single 1.5GB installer. Couple that with Collab and Analytics, and you’ve got a pretty good foundation for your upgrade or install process.

Contrary to my previous report, you can still find the installation package in the usual “Oracle BEA” media pack, and the installers sit alongside all the others:

Still painfully missing is Publisher, which technically isn’t supported on the new Windows platforms (Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008). And since Publisher needs to reside in the same database as the portal, well, this stack still isn’t “fully supported” if your IT department is nagging you to get your existing portal stack off Windows Server 2003 or SQL Server 2005. I’m still looking for an official (or unofficial) response from Oracle on this oversight: we know Publisher is end-of-life’d, but are we at least going to get the existing Publisher 6.5 binaries certified on these platforms? Or is the official party line that we HAVE to move to UCM? And if so, where are the migration tools?

Oh, and while we’re “nitpicking” (if you could call such a glaring omission “nitpicking”), Brad mentions that he’s been informed there are over 200 bug fixes. Sooo… why isn’t Oracle providing a list of significant fixes in this release like they have in every past release? I mean, the release notes list 36 “known issues”, but has no “resolved issues” section. Strange, huh?

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