Installing NEO, aka WebCenter Interaction 10gR4

So, now that we’ve got WebCenter Interaction 10gR4 downloaded, you’re probably wondering how things look. Well, because it’s just a point release (and probably the LAST one), don’t expect much in the way of dramatically new stuff.

The installation process for the portal will be pretty familiar to those of you who’ve done any before, although there are a LOT of new options, as Oracle has chosen to bundle together most of the new stuff into three uber-installers (Portal, Collab, Analytics).

The portal installer in particular really throws in everything and the kitchen sink – even things like the IDK and Documentum Crawlers are all bundled in there:

Details after the break.

For reference, the installer options are:

  • Portal Services and Components
    • Administrative Portal
    • Automation Service
    • Portal
    • API Service
    • Image Service
    • Search
    • Document Repository Service
    • Content Upload Service
    • Directory Service
    • Remote Portlet Service
    • Notification Service
    • Tagging Engine Service
    • Search Service
  • Crawler Services
    • Documentum Content Service
    • UCM Content Service
    • Lotus Notes Content Service
    • Windows File Content Service
    • Exchange Content Service
  • Identity Services
    • LDAP Identity Service
    • Active Directory Identity Service
  • Development Tools
    • Interaction Development Kit (IDK)
    • JSR 168 Container
  • .NET Integration Services
    • Console for Sharepoint

I ran through the installer on Windows Server 2003 using SQL Server 2005, and the experience was pretty much the same as it has been for years. I got some unexpected/unspecific errors, but it turns out that they were related to me trying to install components (like the Documentum Crawler) without the appropriate prerequisites (DFC Runtime).

What really has me interested here is that Oracle really has thrown in the “Kitchen Sink” – including a bunch of very old apps that have floated around but never really got Oracle support, including:

  • Pathways
  • Enterprise Poke
  • KD Browser
  • my picture profile
  • posted links
  • profile portlet

Fun times importing all those PTEs!

Stay tuned, as we’ll be taking a look at most of those pieces of “new” functionality soon!

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