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FREE Knowledge Directory Portlet in WebCenter 10gR4

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The Knowledge Directory has always been an instrumental part of the Plumtree / ALUI / WebCenter stack, and several vendors – Integryst included – have made strides in enhancing its functionality over the years by providing a more Windows Explorer-like interface. Adaptive Layouts were nice for getting part of the way there, but until now, Oracle never had an AJAX-type solution.

With Neo, that all changes. The new Knowledge Directory portlet – part of the new Neo Portlet bundle – is a decent portlet that provides most of the expected functionality:

It even has a pretty solid configuration screen (for both admin and personal settings) to choose a base folder, properties that you’d like to have presented, and some formatting options:

You’ll find a special offer after the break if you’re so inclined…

WebCenter Interaction 10gR4 New Features, Still No Sign of Resolved Issues

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

When Neo (10gR4, for those who are counting) came out (and then REALLY came out), word on the street was that there were 200 “bug fixes”, but we never got official word of what those work, like we’ve seen in the past.

I wish I could tell you in the four intervening months that I’ve seen such a document, but sadly, I still haven’t. It does seem, though, that since then, some updates were made to Oracle’s What’s New section of the release notes, so, you know, there’s that.

Officially, as of this writing here are the latest updates:

  • Support for .NET 3.5 and Java 1.6
  • Support for Intel 64-bit on Windows and Linux
  • New adaptive tags supporting multi-level menus and trees, adaptive tag caching, higher level logic tags, and adaptive tag sample portlet
  • Advanced search adaptive layout page
  • Support for displaying Pagelet Producer pagelets in Oracle WebCenter Interaction
  • New KD portlet
  • Tagging Engine
  • Native RSS integration
  • New password management features

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be diving into some of these features, as well as Collaboration Server and any other new stuff we can find. Stay tuned!