FREE Knowledge Directory Portlet in WebCenter 10gR4

The Knowledge Directory has always been an instrumental part of the Plumtree / ALUI / WebCenter stack, and several vendors – Integryst included – have made strides in enhancing its functionality over the years by providing a more Windows Explorer-like interface. Adaptive Layouts were nice for getting part of the way there, but until now, Oracle never had an AJAX-type solution.

With Neo, that all changes. The new Knowledge Directory portlet – part of the new Neo Portlet bundle – is a decent portlet that provides most of the expected functionality:

It even has a pretty solid configuration screen (for both admin and personal settings) to choose a base folder, properties that you’d like to have presented, and some formatting options:

You’ll find a special offer after the break if you’re so inclined…

On the other hand, it doesn’t allow for inline editing of metadata, folder deletion, card creation, or advanced search options. But I know one product that does (hint: it’s on this site!):

We’re planning on open-sourcing all of Integryst’s current products at some point, but if you’d like a FREE copy of Integryst’s awesome KD Browser TODAY ONLY*, drop us a line and we’ll hook you up!

* “Today Only” means today. As in, the day that you read this, or the day that you ask for a free copy. Or, you know, pretty much any day. Just trying to add a little melodrama to these posts – with WCI it’s not all that easy…

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