Publisher Settings Gone But Not Forgotten

Even though ALUI Publisher didn’t get a refresh with WebCenter Interaction 10gR4 and is still at version 6.5, that doesn’t mean it’s not still a large part of your (aging) portal infrastructure.

Hat tip to Andrew Foster for this one – it seems that some of the pre-6.5 Publisher settings still work in Publisher 6.5. Specifically, if you’re having problems getting Publisher to load your custom styles from community-themes.txt when you create a new header portlet, or you see an error like the one below in Publisher Diagnostics, then you can use the old setting CommunityStyleSheetListURL to get Publisher to properly load it.

In other words, if you’re getting this:

… then you should create a line in to fix that error:

CommunityStyleSheetListURL= http://machine_name /imageserver/plumtree/common/public/css/community-themes.txt

… and your custom styles will then be available when creating Header portlets in WCI:

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