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In 2001 Plumtree acquired RipFire, Inc., which provided the foundation for its search technology in the intervening decade.

Somehow, I’ve always known this search server (that’s grown up through the ALUI and WCI phases) allowed a thesaurus to be created, but I’d never created one at a client site until recently. Turns out, it’s not so hard.

The Search Thesaurus means that if an end user searches for term X, you want the search server to internally retrieve documents for term y as well. Creating one is pretty straight-forward: you just need to create a text file using a comma-separated list of values where the first value is the search term and the second value is the internal entry, with one entry per line.

For example, let’s say you’re not happy with the results when users enter “business cards” in the search box (because “business” and “cards” are pretty generic terms). You could create a line in your thesaurus text file like this:

business cards,business card order login

… and import the text file into the WCI Search Server with these steps:

  1. Stop Search Service
  2. Run this command: C:\plumtree\ptsearchserver\6.5\bin\native>customize.exe -r C:\thesaurus.txt C:\plumtree\ptsearchserver\6.5\prod_search_node_01
  3. Start Search Service

For more details on setting up a Search Thesaurus, see the BEA ALUI Admin Guide.

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