Cool Tools 23: Splunk

Chances are you’re drowning in log data, and aren’t really getting the most out of the information you’ve already got readily stored away on your portal servers. There really is a treasure trove of log information already there, but unless you’ve detected a problem with your infrastructure, you likely don’t even look at that data.

Splunk is touted as “the Engine for Machine Data” and is an incredibly powerful tool for analyzing logs and other activity within your infrastructure in real-time. It has a powerful search capability, the ability to display dashboards, and reporting capabilities that can alert you to problems before they become outages.

It works by indexing data from virtually any source that you have – files, event logs, email, etc. – and allowing you to query or produce all kinds of amazing information.

But don’t take my word for it – check out their site excellent YouTube channel for all kinds of great videos explaining just how powerful a tool this is.

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