There’s an App For That 10: LogAnalyzer

A while back I suggested that you turn on response time monitoring in your IIS or Apache instances. But what good are log files if you can’t make sense of them?

If you’ve got the budget, I totally recommend Splunk for your data processing needs, but today’s App For That is a home-brew log parsing system that simply processes server logs and breaks down the response times by a time interval (such as 1 hour) and type (such as portal gateway requests or imageserver requests), calculating the number of hits and response time during that interval.

It’s a pretty simple .NET application that can process a large number of log files:

It also allows you to export that data for any particular filter to a .tsv so you can produce charts like this and really tease out some significant information:

We’ll be open-sourcing it soon, so stay tuned – or drop us a line and we’ll share it with you now.

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