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Happy New Year 2013! Y2k13 bug time…

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

From your friends at Integryst, Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I last posted, and thought an appropriate way to kick off the new year was to share a Y2k13 bug in WebCenter Interaction. Well, it’s not a bug per se, but way back in the augts, 2013 seemed a long way away. So the wise developers at Plumtree, when faced with choosing a date infathomably far in the future, chose January 1, 2013 as the hard-coded expiration time for Automation Server Jobs:

This means two things: First, when creating jobs on your ancient WebCenter Interaction/Aqualogic User Interaction/Plumtree portal, you’ll have a couple more clicks to set the “Do Not Run After” value sufficiently far in the future, or you’ll get an error saving the job because the expiration time is in the past. (2015 is plenty far, right? If you’re not feeling that lucky, I suggest 2099 so your grandkids can worry about the Y3k bug).

The second thing it means is that many of your jobs probably stopped running three days ago, because when you created them you probably left the default value in there for the expiration time. There’s no quick fix for this, but after the break I’ll share some tips on how you can reschedule these jobs. (more…)