Using WebCenter Publisher with Internet Explorer 11

The release of Internet Explorer 11 has caused a unique set of issues for WebCenter Interaction. We’ve covered some WCI portal hacks and Collaboration server hacks to work around some of these challenges; today’s post is about Publisher.

First off, you’ve probably noticed that Publisher doesn’t work with IE11:
The solution to this problem is simple: Go to Tools: Compatibility View Settings, and add your portal site to the list:

This will enable “Compatibility Mode” for IE, which means that (among other things) the user agent string will contain “MSIE”, which lets Publisher use its antiquated user agent sniffing to enable Publisher Explorer:
The next one after the break isn’t quite so simple.

With IE11, Publisher’s pagination breaks for some reason. It turns out the pagination links are still there, but for some reason they scroll off the bottom of the page and aren’t visible:

There are a few ways to try and address this issue, but I chose one that didn’t involve decompiling code like the Collab hack: using CSS. The first step was to figure out the DOM layout for the pagination links in Publisher Explorer (notice the nested table after table at the bottom):

With this piece of information, we can use the portal’s mainstyle-en.css file to tweak this very specific DOM object for the pagination links. Add the following to the CSS file:

.outer .mainDiv table tbody tr td table tbody tr td table {
position: absolute;
top: 0px;

… and that will move the pagination links to the top of the list, rather than the bottom!

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