Replace Collab’s horribly broken file uploader

While the entire WebCenter Interaction stack is now dead, there are still some of you out there using the legacy code because it “just works”.

As technology evolves, though, more and more pieces of the stack have started to crumble – including Collaboration Server’s multi-file upload. We’ve talked about issues with it in the past and hacked it more than once, but it pretty much just worked in IE7-9, and wasn’t even available in other browsers like Chrome.

So, enough was enough: in search of a better solution, I came across the awesome FineUploader product, which does an incredible job of allowing multiple uploads with virtually any browser (degrading properly based on available features of each browser), and doesn’t rely on any crap technology like Flash or Java.

Rather than completely re-inventing the wheel, I just cracked open the collab.war file and replaced the old crap code with new code leveraging; uploads themselves are still processed the exact same way that the old java app used to use, so nothing is compromised in terms of features or security. It was really only a few files that needed to be changed, which alters the upload form that used to look like this:
… to now look like this:

Drag-drop supported across the board, and uploads work seamlessly:

Drop me a line if you’re still using Collab and would like to check it out.

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  1. Hello: we are still using the Oracle / ALUI Webcenter Interaction Portal 10G and collaboration.
    ( and probably will be for another 2 years. This multiple file upload fix using fineloader looks good.
    Can we get some info on how to modify the collab war file. We can try on our QA system to see if it works.

    Thanks and Regards:

    Malcolm Dellow
    Senior Solution Analyst
    Customer Information Management
    Independent Electricity System Operator
    (905) 403-6974

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