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FREE Knowledge Directory Portlet in WebCenter 10gR4

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The Knowledge Directory has always been an instrumental part of the Plumtree / ALUI / WebCenter stack, and several vendors – Integryst included – have made strides in enhancing its functionality over the years by providing a more Windows Explorer-like interface. Adaptive Layouts were nice for getting part of the way there, but until now, Oracle never had an AJAX-type solution.

With Neo, that all changes. The new Knowledge Directory portlet – part of the new Neo Portlet bundle – is a decent portlet that provides most of the expected functionality:

It even has a pretty solid configuration screen (for both admin and personal settings) to choose a base folder, properties that you’d like to have presented, and some formatting options:

You’ll find a special offer after the break if you’re so inclined…

The Four Tenets of Portal Integration

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Thinking about integrating applications into a portal (like, conveniently, WebCenter Interaction)?  I have, and am (Blogs and Wikis, anyone?). 

If so, whether you’re looking at a third-party application, open-source code base, or are planning to develop your own custom application, there are Four Tenets of Portal Integration you should consider.  Check them out!