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Installing (unsupported) Publisher 6.5 in WCI 10gR4 environment

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Installing WebCenter Interaction 10gR4 is no treat, especially given that supplemental products like Publisher or Studio are not supported in Windows Server 2008, and that’s likely the exact reason why you’re upgrading – to get to Windows Server 2008 (you’re not doing it for the “features”, are you?).

Many of the installers fail for crazy reasons, and I’ve found myself having to do quite a few hacks to get everything up and running. One error that’s a particular nuisance is that services often fail to install, throwing an error in the installation process like this:

D:\bea\alui\uninstall\ptcs\6.5\register\register.xml:574: The following error occurred while executing this line:
D:\bea\alui\uninstall\ptcs\6.5\register\macrodefs\wrapper.xml:92: D:\bea\alui\ptcs\6.5/bin/service.bat is not a valid file. This parameter must point to the batch or shell script that launches the wrapper service.

The good news is that usually these installation errors happen after all files have been copied, and there’s often a batch file in the \bin folder for your particular application to handle service creationg. So, for the above example where the Publisher installer has failed, the steps to complete the installation are simple:

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator (click start, type cmd, right-click command prompt and pick “Run as Administrator”)
  2. Cd to d:\bea\alui\ptcs\6.5\bin\
  3. Type “service install”