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New Collaboration Server IE8 Critical Fix – No Source for you!

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Last month, we wrote to tell you about the WebCenter Interaction Collaboration Server IE8 Critical Fix.  Last week, an old Plumtree pal dropped me a line to let me know that this patch has been updated (Thanks, Eno!).  No new version information – it’s actually the exact same patch number and everything – although some of the code has changed a bit. As far as I can tell in analyzing the different packages, there are just a couple of tiny tweaks, and the release notes include a more comprehensive set of bug fixes, so you’ll just have to download the patch again to get the new binaries.

  • WebEdit does not work on IE8. (9723488)
  • Error in task submenu in IE8 (9712774)
  • Cannot upload multiple files in Collab (9274372)
  • Bulk upload JRE updated to 1.6 in order to support IE8 (8760280)
  • Notifications should be sent from a fixed address for creation and deletion (9647426) This fix involves updates to both collab and notification components.
  • Subscription to project overview causes conflicts with Immedate Subscriptions (8759642)
  • Non gatewayed webedit does not work (9434805)
  • File leak in Search Service during search index rebuild (11726008)
  • Webcenter Collaboration notifications to large numbers of recipients fail (9484113)

Oh, and while I never got around to writing a post about this, for those of you that are into this kind of stuff, this update includes a new cns.war file – and someone in engineering has removed the .jars containing some of the CNS source code.  So if you want to take a peek, check out the code in your cns.war before updating.

Guess you’ll have to find some other way to meet your code analysis needs

Collaboration Critical Fix – IE8 Support

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Now that Internet Explorer 9 is (almost) out, Oracle has gone and thrown us a new update to WCI Collaboration Server to finally support IE8.  Well, to be fair, this was released last October.

The patch does have some mixed messaging about what “officially supporting” means:

From the release notes: “The application of this patch updates Collaboration to officially support Internet Explorer 8.“.

From the Oracle Support Site, though: “Not every issue that has been identified when using IE8 with Oracle WebCenter Collaboration has necessarily been addressed by this patch.  A specific set of defects discovered in testing and resulting from customer feature requests were deemed the “essential” fixes required to establish a baseline of support for the browser version. 
If you experience issues other than those resolved by the patch, the fact that IE8 is now “Fully Supported” once the patch is implemented means that you can log an SR with support who can than verify the defect and log an appropriate bug tracking ID. 

It does have some pretty decent fixes, here, though, and I recommend this patch – I did some source analysis on the new version and did find quite a few changes in this new build – particularly around the Bulk Upload functionality:

The patch can be downloaded here; A copy of the Release Notes is after the break for your convenience…

The Sad, Sordid Story of WCI Analytics and Its Three Critical Fixes

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Back in April, I wrote a WebCenter Interaction Patch and Hotfix Round-up. Since then, a couple of additional critical fixes have been released for Analytics. And you probably need them.

If, after upgrading to WCI Analytics, you’re not seeing any new events being recorded, check any one of your Analytics Views in your database. Chances are, you’re seeing a NULL value for VisitID:

Oracle has released three separate critical fixes trying to get this finally working, and from my experience you need to install the last two listed in the table below.

The real problem is, this isn’t just a matter of swapping out files, since for each month that passes before you notice this problem, more tables will continue to have these invalid values. And Oracle’s fix in the last patch set is FAR from ideal if you want to get those VISITIDs recreated. I won’t bore you with the details (trust me, you’ll be bored enough running this crazy fix), but suffice it to say that there are no less than 15 steps. And during those steps, potentially dozens of SQL scripts are generated (depending on how many months you need to created). For each month that you need to restore, you have to stop the collector, run a couple scripts, start the collector, then let it run a while to recreate everything. Wait a while, verify the number of untagged events you have, repeat:

How long does it take? Quoting from the Readme file: “Tagging old event data can take days or weeks to complete depending on the volume of your event records. Internal tests repaired the data at a rate of 150k to 300k events per hour.”. DAYS or WEEKS!?

In practice, I’ve run through each of these in about a day, going back about 6 months on moderately sized installations. But you should plan on getting these updates in there sooner than later, because the longer you wait, the longer it’s going to take you to repair all those busted tables. (more…)