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WCI Community Cache-building woes: Give Everyone access to your headers

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

A year ago (wow – time flies!) I promised to elaborate on some other causes of the “Error displaying Dropdown menu tabs” error in WebCenter Interaction headers (which didn’t seem to affect the Plumtree or ALUI versions that predated it).

Well, it’s time to do some more ‘splaining: In most cases I’ve seen, this has to do with the fact that the current user (guest or authenticated) doesn’t have at least SELECT access to the header portlet.  So, if you’re just looking for the executive summary of this post, the first thing to check is whether EVERYONE has at least SELECT access to the header portlet.

Ms. Cooper (my made-up 8th grade algebra teacher) always told me: “Show your work“.  Hell, even if I got the right answer the old bag would still dock me points if I didn’t.  [Before you get offended, note that I can say that because Ms. Cooper is a figment of my imagination – I have great respect for the entire teaching profession and especially every teacher I’ve ever had that wasn’t made up.  I would never refer to any of them as an “old bag”.]

So, let’s show the work: