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Go Poke Yourself

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Hear that? Listen close – do you hear that fog horn in the distance? Yeah, that’s the one. THAT, my friends, is the sound of WebCenter Interaction totally missing the boat on Enterprise Social Networking.

As proof of this, let’s take a look at the relatively new Activity Stream feature in WebCenter Interaction. It’s a fantastic concept and the core of ANY Social Media platform (ala the “Facebook Wall”) – you want to know who’s doing what to whom and when. Simple, right? And from what I’ve seen, it’s actually pretty well implemented with security and RSS feeds, and has a tiny bit of documentation. The Activity Service has always come with the User Activities Service, which is like a micro-blogging application with some of the functionality and none of the good looks of, well, ANYTHING on the market today.

WCI 10gR4 (Neo) introduced the “Enterprise Poke” application in its Portlet Suite, which is so comically bad I’m kicking myself for even looking at it and blogging about it – but hopefully this post will save you the time and effort to set it up. Really, this is pretty much all it does:

.. and when you pick one of those, it posts to the users Activity Stream so you get to see this assault on the visual cortex:

A decent sample app to show you how to build your own micro-blogging awesomeness, maybe. But this Enterprise Poke thing doesn’t even include the source code, so not only do you not get useful sample code, but you get a completely worthless application that will get you lynched by your users. Or maybe they’ll all just “throw a stapler at” you.

*sigh*. Keep on keeping on, friends, looking for WCI to live up to its Enterprise 2.0 promise.

FREE Knowledge Directory Portlet in WebCenter 10gR4

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The Knowledge Directory has always been an instrumental part of the Plumtree / ALUI / WebCenter stack, and several vendors – Integryst included – have made strides in enhancing its functionality over the years by providing a more Windows Explorer-like interface. Adaptive Layouts were nice for getting part of the way there, but until now, Oracle never had an AJAX-type solution.

With Neo, that all changes. The new Knowledge Directory portlet – part of the new Neo Portlet bundle – is a decent portlet that provides most of the expected functionality:

It even has a pretty solid configuration screen (for both admin and personal settings) to choose a base folder, properties that you’d like to have presented, and some formatting options:

You’ll find a special offer after the break if you’re so inclined…