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Confirming and Waiting for a Server Reboot

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Problem: you RDP into one of your servers, install Windows Updates, and reboot. But you don’t know a) that the server successfully shut down, and b) when the server comes back up.

Solution: ping -t <servername>

Admittedly, this is a pretty trivial issue because you can just keep trying to initiate a Remote Desktop (RDP) connection, but a quick trick I use is “ping -t”, which repeatedly pings a machine and displays the response time.

Here’s a ping of “wciapps01”. When the machine finally reboots and comes back up is instantly visible – no more guesswork:

Remotely Reboot Windows – Redux

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Years ago I posted a tip about how to remotely reboot Windows Servers via the command line.

It seems you can teach an old dog (that would be me, hopefully not you) new tricks: Credit yet another rock star in the biz – Aseem Parikh – with this little gem, but you can just run:

shutdown /i

… and you get a dialog box that allows you to add a server that needs to be bounced:

You get most of the options in a UI interface without having to remember all those command-line switches.

No word yet on whether the /f (force) option is applied when using the UI version; it’s tough to test because you usually only need that option in extreme circumstances. From my experience, if the UI version of the utility doesn’t work rebooting a stuck box, the command line isn’t going to work either.

If your portal systems often “hang up” and need to be forcibly rebooted like this, consider this another glowing endorsement of VMWare instead of physical machines :). Yet another advantage of going virtual is that you can remotely reboot a box as reliably as physically pushing the power button on the hardware itself, without actually being there.