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Remote Desktop CTRL-ALT-DELETE

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Simple one for you today, friends: As a WebCenter Interaction admin you no doubt use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to your portal servers. And you’ve no doubt had to kill a task or change your password.

The problem: you usually do this by just hitting Control-Alt-Delete on your machine to bring up the old Windows Security dialog, but when you’re in a Remote Desktop Session, CTRL-ALT-DEL brings that window up on your local desktop, not the remote one.

The solution: hit CTRL-ALT-END. Boom.

Run explorer.exe if Remote Desktop Doesn’t Work

Monday, June 20th, 2011

If you’re using Windows for your WebCenter platform, you no doubt use Remote Desktop to RDP into the servers every now and then to run updates and diagnose issues.  Sometimes, though, you just get a blank window:

Strange right?  Well, for this particular anomaly, there’s no need to call up IT to reboot the stubborn box.  Just run explorer.exe under the “Programs” tab in the Remote Desktop Connection properties window:

Boom! – system tray is back: