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There’s a WCI App For That 8: SMTP2Collab

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

WebCenter Collaboration Server has a decent feature that allows end users to email documents directly to Collaboration Server by using a dedicated SMTP address for each folder:

Properly configured, attachments (but not message text) on any email coming in to that address are created as documents in the Collab Folder. But what if you want to capture the text of that email? And what if the user doesn’t have an account in Collab? Also, wouldn’t it be nice if inbound documents to the few folders you care about allowing (possibly anonymous) document submissions could have “vanity email addresses” like for the pirates in your organization?

That’s exactly what SMTP2Collab does. Like Collab, it sets up an inbound SMTP server. Any mail delivered to it – whether the user has an account in the portal or not – gets created as a document in the specified folder, and a linked discussion is also created containing the text of the email. Oh, and you can create any vanity aliases you want for the folders:

Wanna see it in action? You know the drill.