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Cool Tools 23: LoadImpact

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

This is a great one – thanks to Brendan Patterson for this find!

LoadImpact is a load-testing service with a free offering that’s immediately available on their home page with no sign-up necessary. It’s an excellent load testing tool that utilizes the Amazon cloud to stress your site from multiple locations, and it’s got a really slick UI. I haven’t tried the paid version yet but welcome any comments from any of you that have explored some of the more advanced features.

Pro Tip for you portal users utilizing the free version: the URL you enter doesn’t process any JavaScript or some redirections on the URL you provide, so instead of using, you should use

Amazing how just a couple of years ago load testing tools would have costed a fortune (and many that will remain nameless still do!) – kind of like .NET Decompilers

WebCenter Analytics Status Check

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

We’ve all done countless restarts of the portal stack, and many of us have done countless WebCenter 10gR3 Analytics upgrades.  This one’s a quick and easy tip to ensure that Analytics is actually working after a restart or upgrade.

I used to check if ALUI Analytics was working by simply going to the Analytics Console in the portal and viewing traffic data.  But this is only half the picture: if you’ve just done an upgrade or reboot, getting valid traffic reports only shows you that the Analytics CONSOLE/UI is running.  It doesn’t tell you if the COLLECTOR is running and properly capturing metrics.

Instead, whenever I’m testing whether the full Analytics stack is working, I check the Collector and the UI by simply doing a quick search for a unique term.  For example, I can search for MATTTEST, which is a string I’m reasonably sure noone else has searched for today:

WebCenter Analytics Search

WebCenter Analytics Search

Next, go to the Analytics Console and check to make sure that that search term appears in the list of Phrases by going to the Analytics Console, then “Other Metrics”, then “Search”.  There you can view results for “Today” and make sure that a) your search query was accurately captured by the Analytics Collector, and b) the Analytics Console is properly reporting it:

Analytics Results

Analytics Results